ppl are so lame sometimes

today i got reminded that people can't be trusted, in my 2nd block someone went and lied to some of my friends about shit i haven't even said about them, and they got mad at me, I finally found out the whole situation and guess what, it's a lie, ppl are no good, they just can't handle other ppl's friendships, well I HATE those kind of people and don't want them around me, I apologize to the ppl that i DIDN'T talk about, don't believe everything ya'll hear, truthfully ppl lie too...


My day was great! Except for finding out about a lie, which will hopefully be dismissed, I actually got motivated enough to write another entry, I am so glad it's the w/e! It feels like summer already and it's barely march! School is fun (well, the ppl and activity, not the classes!) but i'd rather be a couch potato any day!!! well, i'm getting off of here to enjoy my w/e, hope everyone else n-joiz there's!
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This w/e was pretty fun... my cuz came from Atlanta and we had a pretty good time I guess... we didn't really do anything but we found stuff we had in common, which is good! Yesterday was boring, nothing to comment on that! haha Today was really good! I thought I would be a lil tired cuz i didn't go to sleep at 12 but I was energized so it was all good:) When I got home nothin' was happenin', and well now I'm sittin here! just chillin' and I thought I'd write a journal cuz I wasn't sure how long I had wrote an entry. Now I'm gonna find somethin' betta to get in 2 ;)
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ya'll I am so glad it's Friday!!! for some reason it seams like summer or some junk, I'm ready to relax cuz I'm really tired of this school, even tho it's been a good week... which is REALLY REALLY wierd cuz I haven't had a bad day in quite a while, I finally got my things straight I guess! Well I'm gone 4 now
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today has been good, but i am ready to go home:) i'm tired of these clothes i got on... i dunno why but i'm ready to get lazy!!! haha, this class i'm in is so lame... computer applications, if you know how to turn a computer on, you don't need to sign up for this class!!! haha it's way to easy, i think some of the teachers get their degree by mail, they can't pronounce some things that i could in the first grade! somethings wrong here, i need to teach them...haha well my lazy self is going to find somethin else to do...
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(no subject)

So far today has been great! I started out goin' to the tardy hall (on purpose...) it was fun-fun. 2nd block we didn't really do anything.. that's always good, 3rd block was cool cuz ALSO we didn't do a thing... now im in computer applications.. yes you got it... NOT DOING A DAMN THANG!!! What's the whole point of having school? Oh well! Yesterday I started on a "project" me and my friend came up with... it's an entertainment website, I'll give out the link sometime in the future, it's still in the construction stages and is not all that pretty! if you type the link in right u might come up on it, but i doubt youll ever guess it cuz i have no idea how my friend came up with the name of it, I'll prolly do somemore of it 2nite and MAYBE type the link on my journal...
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Friday the 13th/Valentine's Day

Yesterday was the 13th, and it struck me hard!!! The whole day was good until about 10 pm at nite, we (me and jonathan) were talkin to casey and she asked us if we wanted to chill at her house, of course we said yes, it sounded fun, well we walked to sweat memorial, and waited, they couldn't get their car started, we didn't know though cuz we had already left, we waited an hour I guess, and then a cop pulls into the church parking lot, and we walked up to it, then he got out and asked us some questions, PATTED US DOWN, and then took us to jonathan's house, well he wouldn't leave us, because he said he couldn't, we called a ton of people tryin to dial one number!! he finally left us in the garage and we waited an hour for jonathans mom, finally we got in the house, then today i've been chillin' enjoying everyone's horny day!!! lol well... i think i'll stay in the house next friday the 13th:)

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(no subject)

Well let me get ya'll up to speed here.. the last few days I have been unnaturally tired, I was going to be at 8 and 830.. once at 730-- not normal at all!!! so I'm actually on a nite-time, goody 4 u, goody 4 me... anyways..


Overall has been a pretty good day! I don't think anythings went wrong, that's about it for now tho'.. sorry it's short...but you'll just have to get over it! ;)
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ya'll, I'm sittin' here in Computer Applications (w/ my headphones on!), doing absoloutly nuthin! but what else is new? I have been sleepy all day, I think it's b-cuz I had only gotten 2 hours of sleep last nite!! Gee, ya wreckon'? haha... ya'll know what I'm doin' when I get home ;). I got that P!nk cd the other day, and it's pretty good, it's what I'm listening to now so don't hate!!! haha, this is the most entergetic I've felt all day and that's pretty bad 'cuz I still feel kinda sleepy... I don't really have anything else to write about at the moment, so I'll leave ya'll w/ this:)...dustin
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yesterday, today, this w/e

yesterday, was pretty good, i thought i had gotten wrote up but SOMEONE was lyin to me, ya'll just don't know, our whole computer applications class got in trouble, sorta, and one boy got wrote up, and i had to check out, well he talked to me and told me I had also gotten wrote up, and kicked off the computers, well all day I've been waiting to go up to the office, but guess what? HE LIED LIKE A MUTHA!! I'll get him... haha Today has been awesome tho, nothin's went wrong that I know of, I'm sitting in Computer Applications right now! haha, cuz when I get home I'm leaving for Daytona Beach, our family is spending the w/e there and goin' to the Bud Shootout, sounds lame, it kinda is, I'll be there all w/e and only have my cell phone and MIGHT get on the internet... never know! haha, well I have to go now...Dustin
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1st Journal

Well, today overall has been a great day, an hour ago i thought i was going to be sick! but that all cleared up:) If anyone hasn't heard, one of our school teachers is being tried as a child molester, every year a new one has came out, honestly I'm sick of hearing about them!! They also get older, ugh, I'm also tired of hearing about the Janet/Super Bowl Thing, I like her alright, and if ppl are so offended, they shoulda turned it off when Janet said: got a nice package alright, guess i'm gonnahave to ride it 2nite or when all the ppl wuz cuzzing! don't tell me that that's suppposed to be some family entertainment, some ppl don't think b4 they open their mouth! hehe, although i'm bitchin about stuff in here, i'm really happy and haven't had a bad day in a while,which is outstanding for me, but I don't have anything else to write about, so leave!! haha...;)
are you gone yet?
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